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Now more than ever, IT plays a major role in how businesses run. With major innovations in Technology, Social Media and E-Commerce, your business cannot afford to lose competitiveness by getting lost in the technology shuffle.

Let Us Help Your Business Soar!

Managed IT Services? E-Commerce? Mobile Apps?
We got you covered.

In the 2020s, a business without a mobile application is ignoring a revenue stream. We can help you design, code, and launch an app for both Android and Apple platforms.

Do you miss the old days of not having to worry about IT? Want us to handle it for you? No problem! We can be your single point of contact for System Administration and Application Support. 

We can maintain and monitor your ERP/CRM applications, offering end-to-end cloud and managed services solutions for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP environments.

Need a new website for your business but don’t have the skillsets needed to build a full stack from scratch? We can step in and turn your vision into a digital reality. Integration with your existing systems, APIs, and data sources can convert any of your new website’s contacts from emails to CRM leads. Perhaps you have a website already, but need help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ll optimize your site to appear on search engines and advertise on platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel and Instagram. We maximize your marketing dollars with strategic targeted ads to speak directly to your ideal customer.

It is extremely important to safeguard your data offsite in case of a disaster. We can provide you with an immensely affordable cloud storage solution with 24/7 access to your data. Options available with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, both offering uptime SLA’s of 99.98%  

If not maintained and tuned properly, databases can have their indexes fragmented, reliability compromised, or even corrupt completely

We offer Database solutions such as trigger design, function/stored procedure development, patching/upgrades, migration, and total database design 

Have an idea for an app? Let us help you develop it!

Mad Raven Technologies utilizes the multiple team concept: we have a dedicated team of coders and UI/UX designers that work with you, our client, and a dedicated team that works on our own applications.

That means if you chose to work with our agency to develop your Enterprise or Mobile Apps, you will have the undivided attention of a team of developers.

Our Mobile Apps will be launching Summer 2020.

Why Work With Us?

We Listen To Our Customers

Mad Raven Technologies is committed to helping our clients reach their goals, learn the in’s and outs of their business needs, and bring in great results.
Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide great solutions, even for future issues, by utilizing a broadminded approach to technology and marketing techniques.
This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interaction with all members of the clients’ team. We always ensure the best value is obtained from for the client’s budget.

Do away with expensive on-site tech

Your small business does not need to purchase or lease expensive and nearly obsolete IT equipment such as servers, switchers/routers, load balancers and storage devices in order to have a functional IT department.
By switching to Cloud Computing, you will save money and still have the flexibility, redundancy, efficiency, and scalability needed to ensure the success of your company. By working within your budget, we will show you how to make your company successful in the digital age.
Let us show you how! ​

Your External R&D Partner

Research & Development Lab.

Mad Raven Technologies is a technology-driven research and development studio. We strive for the absolute best and push the limits of innovation to develop meaningful products and experiences.

Our Process.

We have emerged as a leader in the enterprise mobile space. Let us help you turn your ideas into high-caliber products.

We visualize the road to your product launch, and then build it brick by brick, passionately.

Our People

With over 30+ years of experience, our team provides end to end delivery of technology solution within the business, technology, and mobile industries. Our team delivers consultation in strategy and roadmap development and alignment of IT solutions with business objectives.

Our Work


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